People often ask me which branch of art I like the best, since I work with so many media. I love the creative process more than the particular material, so it is hard to say. Certainly bronze sculptural fountains are a big thrill for me, as was the honor of creating a bronze statue for a National Historic Landmark.

Cathedral of Saint Paul, Saint Paul, Minnesota 9.5 ‘ Foot Bronze Statue on a 6.5’ Marble Pedestal

Saint Paul is home at last, in the city bearing his name.It was an incredible honor to be able to create this statue and express an image that conveys his great strength of character, his zeal for sharing the truth, his love of people, and his uncompromising fearlessness in facing the dangers and opposition to his amazing mission of bringing the teachings of Christianity to the world. 

Marian Shrine: Life-size bronze on hand made base, Triptych with bas-reliefs and stained glass.

This work was commissioned by Mary, Mother of the Church in Burnsville, MN and completed in 2016. The sculpture of Mary was inspired by a beautiful vision I was blessed to receive at age 24, her huge presence seated on a physical cloud floating above me. At that time I was an architecture student holding no idea about becoming a sculptor. While one cannot humanly depict such glory and beauty as appeared then, it was my desire to share what I could of the experience with my best artistic effort. Working on this brought many deeply profound experiences connecting with the heart of Mary. I am also grateful to MMOTC for providing the loving home and means for this work to be made possible. 

The Marian Shrine has also been honored as a finalist by the Art Renewal Center in their 12th International ARC Salon and can be found in that publication.

Tower of Many Waters

A stairway from the basement to the second floor wraps around this fountain. It was designed to reflect noteworthy qualities of its owner, namely intelligent vision, energy, vitality, purposefulness and integrity. Additionally, it serves in a decorative sense to compliment the materials and form of the home in which it resides.

The Bountiful Well

I designed a 31 foot tall fountain to go inside a winding stairway in a gentleman’s home. One day he visited my studio to see the working scale model and was delighted. Walking around, he saw The Bountiful Well as a work in progress in the corner. He realized this would be the perfect fountain/focal point for his wine- tasting room. So, he commissioned it to be the apex of a semicircular room.

Called Home

The three figures represent souls who are offering the fruit of their accomplishments in life (represented by the crystal spheres they hold) as they return back to God. Many who have described near-death experiences have mentioned being drawn to a tunnel of light. This is depicted by the stained-glass window. Their varius attitudes reflect stages in understanding this process; contemplation, inspired anticipation, and complete surrender to the Light. That these three figures are grouped together shows that even though we experience the transition as individuals, we will all go through this, so were are not really alone…we share the mysteries of life including what is beyond that which we now know. There is comfort in perceiving this oneness of life in the ultimate sense.

Bust of Jesus

Bust of Jesus in clay, slightly larger than life-size.

Sweet Surrender

While meeting with a client in my studio to discuss a bookcover painting, she was deeply moved by my sculpture and decided to commission one. “Sweet Surrender” resulted, which memorializes the profound moment of transition from one dimension to another of a newborn soul.

Client… Private Residence

Bronze 15″ x 12″ x 12″

The Divine Mother

Originally made as the central focus in an alabaster fountain. Available as an independent sculpture for $925.

Client … Chiropractic Office

9 ” Bronze

Paschal Candle Holder

Created in 2007 for the Church of St. Michael in St. Michael, Minnesota. Bronze, 46″ tall. This commission gave me the opportunity to imagine a new way of creating a candle holder that had beauty and was special and interesting. The Paschal candle itself is huge, about 3 1/2 ” in diameter and very tall.  I thought it would be fun to play with the support by counterintuitively creating an open space just below this massive candle. The weight of it then is bourne on the wings of angels, appearing effortless because it is a burden of light.

Lady Portia, Goddess of Justice

I designed this law office center and landscape. In the front, the owner originally wanted a lily pool, but suddenly decided a statue of justice with water coming from the scales would work better. Since I was also the construction manager, I decided rather than to hire someone else, I would sculpt her myself! A bold move, as I had not sculpted anything before, but we both were pleased with the results.Creating this was an incredible life-changing experience, learning something completely new as I went, but seeming very familiar as well. I decided during this process to pursue art as a career and found the best training I could to help develop as an artist. This lead me to study drawing and painting at an Atelier for 1 1/2  years, where I also taught an architecture class while studying art.

Client… McCullough, Smith and Wright Law Office 

Bronze Life Size Statue/Fountain

Buddha Meditating

Clay, 12″ High

Head Study

Head study, clay, life-size.

Pope Francis

This is part of the group of 110 busts of Pope Francis that I have hand painted for Buca di Beppo restaurants around the United States. I sculpted the bust in clay, had a mold and resin casts produced, and then brushed multiple layers of paint to give him a life-like flesh tone appearance as per the clients request. Doing so is risky…done poorly would compromise sculptural integrity. These are destined for each restaurant’s “Pope Room”, serving under a display case as the centerpiece on a large circular table.
Photo by Casi Sandeman

Church of St. Paul, Ham Lake, Minnesota

This bronze is cast from the half-size study I made prior to creating the full size (9 1/2′ tall) bronze statue for the Cathedral of Saint Paul. I like that it is situated outside because the details and expression on Paul’s face are much clearer than what can be seen inside the dim light of the cathedral. 

It was fun to receive a call from the Church of St. Paul after they had heard about my work for the Cathedral. They wondered if I might possibly have a smaller version of it for their church. All the time spent working out the details at half-size level would now reap an unexpected benefit!